Farmer’s Wife

Farm Chef Anne Manassero

Ask Anne “The Farmer’s Wife”


Q1 How do I store my strawberries once I take them home?
Q2. Do you sell certified organic strawberries?
Q3. Aren’t all the Manassero stands the same?
Q4. What variety of strawberries do you grow and sell at The Original Manassero Farms?
Q5. Why are the berries I buy at other farm stands and grocery stores white on the inside?
Q6. I bought some berries at a big box store and they were mostly red but white on top around the stem. I thought if I left them on the counter they would ripen up. They didn’t, what happened?
Q7. I took my frequent customer card to a Manassero stand and they wouldn’t honor it. Why?
Q8. Do you ever donate product to charities? If so, how can I request a donation?
Q9. I would like to work for The Original Manassero Farms. How can I get a job application?
Q10. Does your produce contain GMOs?
Q11. Do you take credit cards?