• Farm Fall Harvest Spreads to Local Animals

    The Original Manassero Farms is proud to celebrate the 3rd annual donation of pumpkins and winter squash to the local animals at the OC Zoo in the Irvine Regional Park.  

    In support of the animals and a local Girl Scout Troop 3506 through it’s Daisy and now Brownie years, the scouts return to the zoo each fall to help  with the donation while learning about wild life.

    This year, Lily the White Tiger at Rancho Las Lomas in Trabuco Canyon along with other animals at their habitat were included in our fall harvest donation to animals.



  • Bouquet Garni – Tips and Tricks from “The Farmer’s Wife”

    Don’t waste those amazing fresh herbs left on the end of the stems…Tie them together and make a Bouquet Garni!

     Make an herb sachet such as a classic bouquet garni to add flavor to simmering soups, stocks or braises. Tying the herbs in cheesecloth make fishing it out a breeze and no waist of that fresh herb goodness!

    Herb bouquet

  • Celebrating 40 Years



    There Was A Lot Going on in 1976!

    • The year end close to the Industrial Average was 1004. 

    • Interest rates at year end for the Federal Reserve were 6.25%

    • The cost of a gallon of gas was .59 cents. 

    • The average income was $16,000.

    • The average monthly rent was $220. 

    • One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Omen, and Rocky were box office hits.

    • Barry Manilow, The Bay City Rollers, ABBA, and Queen were burning up radio airwaves. 

      Best of all, Dan Manassero decided to go out on his own and start Manassero Farms! 

    After years of learning how to grow the BERRY BEST from his father and uncle, Dan steared his own course. 

    Some 40 Years later, Dan is proud to continue his own contribution to the family legacy of quality farming that began right here in Orange County in 1922.  For 94 years the Manassero Family has been providing the finest quality produce to our friends and neighbors. We are honored to have been invited to your tables and thank you for your support for all these years.  Here’s to many more Berry Sweet years to come!  


  • The Perfect Charcuterie Platter



    Fun Fact

    The French word for a person who prepares charcuterie is charcutier, generally translated into English as “pork butcher”. This has led to the mistaken belief that charcuterie can only involve pork. The Food Lover’s Companion, however, says, “it refers to the products, particularly (but not limited to) pork specialties such as items sold in a delicatessen-style shop, also called a charcuterie.” The 1961 edition of Larousse Gastronomique defines it as: “The art of preparing various meats, in particular pork, cheeses, etc  in order to present them in the most diverse ways.”

    Farmtastic Charcuterie Items

    Mix of cured meats, such as salami, coppa, prosciutto and bresaola.  Surround meats with small bowls of garnishes, such as mustard, pickles, olives, nuts and marinated artichokes, for interesting, flavorful combinations. Arrange prosciutto-wrapped chunks of melon or figs around the edge of the platter. Offer an array of breads and crackers, making sure none of them are strongly flavored enough to overpower the meat. Crusty baguette slices, breadsticks and crackers that contain nuts and seeds are great choices..

     To make your platter over the top, use a natural wood platter board found in our gift shop and add a Manassero Farms honeycomb for both a beautiful and delish touch!

  • Holiday Hors d’oeuvres and Vegetable Centerpieces

    This week Manassero Farms hosted a class at our Irvine Market on Holiday hors d’oeuvres and Vegetable Centerpieces to help you with your holiday entertaining. Farm Chef Anne, shared time saving tips and recipes to make entertaining this holiday season easy but delicious and beautiful.  Just see for yourself and if you like it be sure to Pin it!

  • Strawberry Santa’s and Strawberry Topiaries

    This week Anne Manassero taught a class at our Irvine Market location on how to make Strawberry Santa’s and Strawberry Topiaries.  She put some fun new twists on Strawberry Santa.  The whole class was oohing and aahing and snapping photos.  The topiary was stunning and had the class asking for a repeat in February for Valentine’s Day.  

    The class was timely since we just harvested our first batch of Strawberries for the season.  If you are like many you may not equate Christmas with Strawberries but this time of year they are ripe and at their best so be sure to come down to the Irvine Market to get yours today!  Then you can make some darling Strawberry Santa’s and gorgeous topiaries too!

    Here are some photos from the class.  Get ready to be wowed…


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  • Thanksmas


    Every year I am amazed at just how early retailers bring out Christmas.  For goodness sake, can’t we please enjoy one holiday at a time??  This year, some of the stores not only trotted out Christmas BEFORE School started, they had it on sale for 50% off!!  Now that I have that off my chest, I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way. 

    Thanksmas - 2

     However, I do see the retailer’s side of things being that I am one.  I just couldn’t bring myself to jump from Halloween to Christmas in one fail swoop.  For one thing, my husband had grown all of these amazingly beautiful pumpkins.  What was I supposed to do?  Bust them open, toast the pumpkin seeds and call it a holiday?  I don’t think so.  Come on, pumpkins are one of nature’s truly beautiful little architectural wonders and I want to celebrate them.  Besides, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  It has everything that I love…family, friends, food and chardonnay. 

    Thus, bright and early on November 1st, around 11 am, Thanksmas was born on the farm. Still under the chocolate and chardonnay fog from inhaling excess treats that were meant to have been dropped into the “trick or treat” bags of little children (the chocolate, not the chardonnay); I found myself staring at every retailer’s dilemma.  You know what they say, necessity and slight chocolate / chardonnay hangovers are the mother of invention!

     As a retailer I understand the need for being first on the Christmas scene.  Even though this is our first Christmas season I’m not immune to the fact that Christmas can make or break many retailers’ sales totals for the year!  But wait!  I’m first and foremost a mom.  Ok, a Thanksgiving loving and pumpkin obsessed mom.  A very lucky obsessed mom that happens to be married to a farmer that can grow unlimited quantities of pumpkins!  Who’s lucky?…me!!  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 

    Tree Can

     In thinking of my fellow retailer’s dilemma, I cannot be the only one who wasn’t yet tired of pumpkins and fall decorations no, matter how late Thanksgiving is this year.  I want more!  Besides, pulling out all that Christmas gear is no picnic either.  After all, I don’t want to be that neighbor, you know the one that leaves the Christmas lights strung around the perimeter of the house for a little too long; like April. 
    Instead, I brought out what is arguably worst part of Christmas decorating, the trees; (yes, they’re artificial, don’t judge me).  I placed them just so, and instead of a bright festive red tree skirt I threw some burlap around the bottom.  Brought in some of my favorite outdoor garden statues, and my beloved pumpkins. There in our little barn, Thanksmas was born!  I’m now envisioning an amazingly easy transition from my newly coined holiday right into Christmas.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime from my pumpkins to yours, Happy, Merry Thanksmas!

    Written By: Anne Manassero 11/20/14



  • Hurry up and relax!

     Ok, so here’s the deal, this is my first attempt at a blog.  I got to feeling inclined to write this after a fantastic workshop I attended at my own farm today.  Manassero Farms hosted the fabulous, Carole Shashona, sensory design expert, Feng Shui Grand Master, high end jewelry designer and all around power house of a woman stuffed into a tiny little frame. 

     I thought I was there to enjoy the amazing jewelry she sells exclusively through Barneys NY (which I did BTW) instead, what I came away with was this amazing technique on how to hurry up and relax!  Sounds like an oxymoron I know.  Carole began her presentation by tying a red string with a small coin around each of our right wrists.  She informed us this was her blessing to us.  Boy howdy was I ever in the mood to receiving this blessing!  You see, this event was scheduled to take place outdoors.  However, the wind started blowing a minor hurricane 20 minutes prior to getting started.  Thus, our lovely outdoor event quickly turned into an indoor event…anyway, I digress. 

     Moving on, Carole had us stand and guided us through a 5-minute Tai Chi exercise consisting of little more than taking a few steps forward, back and side to side.  Being mindful of taking in what is needed, letting go what is not, offering what we wish to be accepted, and accepting what is being offered.  We did these small movement all while repeating a saying to ourselves, “Guru Dev Namo”, meaning divine blessings, intuitive power and prosperity.  Sounds simple and it is.

     By now I’m sure your eyes are rolling back in your head; I know mine were.  For what you must know about me is that I am type A to the max!  I go, I give, I go, I give, on and on. Does this sound familiar my sisters and brothers in striving for perfection or just getting through the day, which ever comes first?? Anyway, as I was hostess for the morning I decided to lead by example!  I grudgingly kept my eyes closed and tried not to worry if anyone was looking at me and sneering.  In other words, I was going to try to hurry up and relax!  After I opened my mind, not my eyes, a funny thing happened.  I took what was left of those 5 minutes and forgot about everything else I needed to accomplish, and I relaxed. 

     It was just as our tiny Master, Carole, said, “you don’t need to take a whole day or even a whole hour to relax and rejuvenate yourself.  you can mindfully give yourself some often needed energy in just a few minutes”.  So, I did as instructed, I rubbed the blessing coin tied around my wrist.  I took in, let go, offered and accepted.  Magically the wind died down as quickly as it had come up. I thoroughly enjoyed my relaxation so much that I had to write about it.  I’m going to hurry up and relax again tomorrow! 

    Written By: Anne Manassero 11/07/14

    See More about this event below!


  • Manassero Farms wants to help stomp out Childhood Obesity

    Healthy living begins with healthy eating. Here at The Original Manassero Farms we’re Grant...Looks good enough to eat!advocates of organic, fresh ingredients that satisfy your taste buds and your body.

     According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2012 more than one-third of American children and adolescents were obese. Childhood obesity is an increasing epidemic and, if left unresolved, will leave at least one-third of children born after the year 2000 with diabetes.

     Here are a few ways to prevent childhood obesity in your community:

    Lead by example

    After 21 years of living at home, I often find myself performing some of the same lifestyle habits as my parents. Going to bed early, keeping a clean living space, and thankfully, health-conscious eating. Because I grew up with parents who favored healthy living, I’ve adopted (after a short ‘freshman 15’ stint) their habits of buying locally, eating a balanced meal and regularly exercising.

     But some children and adolescents are shorthanded when it comes to mimicking their parents eating habits. In most homes of obese children, it’s the adults who aren’t cooking fresh, nutritious meals for themselves or their families, and the children who suffer from it. Adults who make the conscious decision to buy locally and cook healthily undoubtedly influence their children to do the same.

    Shop and eat local

    All our produce at The Original Manassero Farms is GMO-free. The best part about buying local produce is that you really can taste the difference (re: Why buy from your local farmer’s market?) Above all, we’re a community that’s committed to healthy living. We love to share our wealth in the form of fresh ingredients and produce. To us, there’s nothing better than encouraging children and local families to join us in committing to health-conscious living.

     Prepare a balanced diet

    A properly balanced diet consists of at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day. In addition to choosing healthier snacks, cooking with fresh and organic ingredients, and creating proper portion size, we can all help lower the risk of childhood obesity. Additionally, a well-balanced diet means a natural increase in energy, which can lead to increased physical activity—another aspect of a healthy lifestyle. While this is all easier said than done, efforts turn into habits—and your kids will thank you later.

     Start your healthy living by making a visit to the Original Manassero Farms for your daily or weekly produce run. And if you’re looking for health conscious recipes using ingredients straight from our garden, check out our recipes page for some food-spiration.

    Tanza Loudenback  09/01/14

  • Melon – It’s like Botox au naturel and more!

    A fresh slice of melon is practically synonymous with summer. Melons have been a staple in

    America since the beginning of backyard BBQs. Not only are they vibrant and delicious, they’re healthful. Just one cup (and less than 50 calories) of cantaloupe or watermelon covers 100 percent of the daily-recommended value of vitamins.melons

     Cantaloupe originated in India and Africa nearly 5,000 years ago. The melon is a heat-loving fruit with a long growing season. Today, the North American cantaloupe that is actually a different variation of the original—also known as a muskmelon—grows perfectly in our southern California temperate.

     Watermelon shares the same birthplace as cantaloupe but surpasses it as the most consumed melon in the U.S. It’s comprised almost entirely of water—about 92%—so it’s a great bodily cleanse with a sweet twist. Only five states, including California, are the leading producers of watermelon in the U.S. We’re growing some of the most tasteful melons right in our own backyard.

     Not only is melon delectable, it has incredible beauty-boosting benefits. Both fruits’ flesh is filled with Vitamin A that cleans out pores and promotes clear skin. It’s also been said to prevent wrinkles by improving the skin’s elasticity. It’s like Botox au naturel.

     So as the summer comes to an end, stay refreshed with The Original Manassero Farms watermelon and cantaloupe. Looking for a way to make the most of your cantaloupe? Try our recipe of the month, Watermelon Plata Tequila Cocktail. 

    Tanza Loudenback 8/20/14