Why buy from your local farm?

It’s 4 in the afternoon on a weekday and you’re dashing to your neighborhood grocery store in search of some fruits and veggies to balance out your family’s dinner plates that night. But once you arrive, you survey the produce shelves only to rea


lize that most of it doesn’t even look appetizing to you, let alone the picky eaters at home. Once again, you’re stuck with days old wilted greens and pesticide-ridden fruits that aren’t as good for you as you may think.

According to Local Harvest, most U.S. grown products are shipped over a 4-7 day period and travel an average of 1,500 miles before reaching grocery store shelves. Then they often sit on those shelves even longer awaiting purchase. By the time you bring them home, they’ve lost all their nutrients. If you want nutrient-packed, fresh produce then you need to go straight to the source –farmer’s markets or even better direct from your local farm.

When you buy local you’re ensuring GMO-free, Certified Organic produce that is healthful and delicious. Not only will you be buying the freshest fruits, vegetables and specialty items, but you’ll also be supporting your community. DoSomething.org reports that less than 1% of Americans identify as farmers. By buying local products, you’re able to eliminate the middleman (grocers) and ensure the farmer receives full retail price, allowing him or her to continue providing quality produce for their community.

Buying local products can also benefit a community esthetically. Farmers tend to be good keepers of the land, maintaining a safe and natural environment for both agriculture and wildlife. For every $1 of revenue raised by a farm, the government spends $0.34 on services, opposed to only $0.17 of every $1 spent when raised by residential development. Farms are keeping your community rurally beautiful.BuyLocal2

Just like we’ve experienced here at The Original Manassero Farms from generations of farming, buying local produce supports your community and your family. By teaching your kids to buy locally, you’re supporting the conscious effort to live healthily.

Tanza Loudenback – 7/24/14