Dan Manassero – Owner/CEO Manassero Farms & Nature’s Best Farms, Inc.

Dan ManasseroDan grew up with farming in his blood.  One of his earliest memories about wanting to be a farmer is when he was just 5 or 6 years old and his grandmother told him that he was so smart that he should be a doctor; his response “No, I’ll be a farmer!”  His farming philosophy is “It’s just got to be good!”  He knows that eating and enjoying food encompasses all the senses starting with your eyes and nose.  Before you ever get a look at the delectable, juicy, sweet, berries you will smell them the second you get out of your car.  Your next sense will be enticed by the mere sight of the beautiful completely ripe red, plump berries. He knows that his customers are coming to experience the same delicious, healthy berries and produce that his family has been bringing to Orange County for decades. 

Dan is a proud part of a third generation farming family that has been farming in Orange County since 1922 and is honored to still be an urban farmer.  Dan has always had a love for everything outdoors. Since childhood Dan loved going out into his grandfathers giant garden to watch him take care of his orange and avocado trees, asparagus patches, and tomato rows.  In high school Dan started driving tractors for his father and uncle in their farming operation.  Dan also has a great love of animals and used to raise steers at his high schools AG farm. During this time Dan watched and learned how to grow many different fruits and vegetables from his dad. 

At 21 Dan and his oldest brother Steve started farming together in their own right.  Although Steve went out on his own years ago, Dan has been farming under the name The Original Manassero Farms for 40 years now.  Dan grows both certified organic and conventional crops.  Dan is best known for growing the most delectable strawberries in Orange County.  Unlike many large, commercial growers, Dan grows berries that are known for their taste and color not their ability to sit on store shelves for unknown amounts of time. His berries are picked and delivered every morning at the height of ripeness.  Among other things he also grows heirloom and beefsteak tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon and many varieties of squash.  Because of his wife Anne’s influence, he now also grows Texas 1015 onions that are highly anticipated every year by not only Anne but all his customers as well.  Dan is proud father to son Jeff, daughters Samantha and Carly, and stepdaughter Laurel.