Anne Manassero – Designer/Farm Chef and Co-Owner

Farm Chef Anne Manassero

Anne was born deep in the heart of Texas where a piece of her heart and soul remain today. Anne and her husband, Dan, were married in 2003 and immediately discovered how well Dan’s passion for farming and Anne’s marketing and design experience complement each other. Adding another dimension to Dan’s thriving farming business, Anne is the designer and sole buyer for Manassero Farms Market. Although Anne has no formal design experience she has spent a lifetime honing her design style through years of world travel and living in many different cities and spaces from New York City to LA.  She has always enjoyed helping friends and family reinvent their surroundings.  By incorporating natural elements, grounding colors and reinventing what people already have, Anne enjoys teaching people how to get the most out of any space and enhance their own creativity and personal style. A few years ago Anne’s roots led her back to Texas when she was blessed enough to buy and fully refurbish and remodel a classic 1920’s bungalow in downtown Austin.   The reception and success of the Austin house and many other projects gave Anne enough confidence to turn the Manassero Farms Market location into a successful and sought after one-of-a-kind event venue, market, and gift shop. Anne’s motto comes from her own experience, “The more creative you get, the more creative you get!”  In hindsight “I guess marrying a strawberry farmer isn’t such a stretch” says Anne. When going through family photos she found two photos of herself at different ages holding fresh strawberries at farmers markets.  Fitting right in to farming, Anne’s other passions are cooking, fitness and teaching.

Growing up in Abilene Texas Anne grew up surrounded by strong women who knew how to cook and garden. Her fondest childhood memories surround being in the kitchen, back yard or a farmers market with her mother or grandmother. Her all-time favorite comfort foods are chicken fried steak, mashed taters & gravy of course! With favorites like that Anne was no stranger to having the extra pounds that southern comfort food can pack on.  This led her to uncover another passion for Pilates, Yoga and teaching.  Anne became a lead Pilates teacher trainer for Equinox and a certified yoga instructor for Core Power Yoga. 

Anne’s latest venture and enjoyment comes from teaming up with master chef Pascal Olhats in The Farmer’s Wife and The French Chef.  Together they combine their talents to introduce easy lifestyle lessons in taking your house to a home and your food from good to gourmet.  No matter what, Anne’s biggest joy will always come from being wife to Dan, mom to daughter Laurel, to her step children Jeff, Samantha, and Carly.