HELP SAVE THE FARM! – JOST (Jeffrey Open Space Trail Extension Project)

Loyal Friends

The City of Irvine is currently planning a JOST (Jeffrey Open Space Trail) extension and/or alteration.  Although Manassero Farms is in support of the trail and the overall vision of the project, a highly considered and city favored route would go through the back of our property and would cause the removal of the barn, herb garden and half of our parking lot at our market location. This route causes dangerous pedestrian conditions near our properties along with considerable financial hardship to the Farm, and possibly permanent closure. We are collaborating with the city to convince them to extend/alter the trail around and not through the perimeter of the farm.



Irvine City Meeting related to JOST – TBD

JOST information can be found on the City of Irvine website at:

If you are interested in reading the Farm’s response and plea to the City of Irvine, click below:

Letter to City Of Irvine From Manassero Farms