Hurry up and relax!

 Ok, so here’s the deal, this is my first attempt at a blog.  I got to feeling inclined to write this after a fantastic workshop I attended at my own farm today.  caroleManassero Farms hosted the fabulous, Carole Shashona, sensory design expert, Feng Shui Grand Master, high end jewelry designer and all around power house of a woman stuffed into a tiny little frame. 

 I thought I was there to enjoy the amazing jewelry she sells exclusively through Barneys NY (which I did BTW) instead, what I came away with was this amazing technique on how to hurry up and relax!  Sounds like an oxymoron I know.  Carole began her presentation by tying a red string with a small coin around each of our right wrists.  She informed us this was her blessing to us.  Boy howdy was I ever in the mood to receiving this blessing!  You see, this event was scheduled to take place outdoors.  However, the wind started blowing a minor hurricane 20 minutes prior to getting started.  Thus, our lovely outdoor event quickly turned into an indoor event…anyway, I digress. 

 Moving on, Carole had us stand and guided us through a 5-minute Tai Chi exercise consisting of little more than taking a few steps forward, back and side to side.  Being mindful of taking in what is needed, letting go what is not, offering what we wish to be accepted, and accepting what is being offered.  We did these small movement all while repeating a saying to ourselves, “Guru Dev Namo”, meaning divine blessings, intuitive power and prosperity.  Sounds simple and it is.

 By now I’m sure your eyes are rolling back in your head; I know mine were.  For what you must know about me is that I am type A to the max!  I go, I give, I go, I give, on and on. Does this sound familiar my sisters and brothers in striving for perfection or just getting through the day, which ever comes first?? Anyway, as I was hostess for the morning I decided to lead by example!  I grudgingly kept my eyes closed and tried not to worry if anyone was looking at me and sneering.  In other words, I was going to try to hurry up and relax!  After I opened my mind, not my eyes, a funny thing happened.  I took what was left of those 5 minutes and forgot about everything else I needed to accomplish, and I relaxed. 

 It was just as our tiny Master, Carole, said, “you don’t needto take a whole day or even a whole hour to relax and rejuvenate yourself.  you can mindfully give yourself some often needed energy in just a few minutes”.  So, I did as instructed, I rubbed the blessing coin tied around my wrist.  I took in, let go, offered and accepted.  Magically the wind died down as quickly as it had come up. I thoroughly enjoyed my relaxation so much that I had to write about it.  I’m going to hurry up and relax again tomorrow! 

Written By: Anne Manassero 11/07/14

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