June 9th 2018 – Breakfast In The Barn – Featuring “Cook By Color” Chef Marcus Moore

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“Cook By Color™ 

is a series of one-of-a-kind, gourmet seasonings made with 100% PURE ingredients that allow you to cook and TASTE in color! Our mentality is simple: “Complementary Colors = Complementary Taste”.


Each color features a taste profile that is unique and colorful, hand-crafted using only herbs, fruits, vegetables, and spices. By creating a user-friendly collection of creative, healthy, and versatile seasonings—we’ve reinvented what it means to add flavor or garnish to any dish.


Cook By Color™ supports dieting, meal-prepping, and individuals dealing with high blood pressure and diabetes. NO ADDITIVES, NO GMO, NO MSG, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO SODIUM, and GLUTEN-FREE. MADE IN THE USA.”

Marcus Moore – Founder • Spiceologist • Nutritionist:
Is not your normal chef, culinary enthusiast / foodie; He’s a Father, Army Veteran, Creative Director in the advertising and marketing industry with a passion for cooking visually for three amazing daughters and with meals that are not only healthy, but also delicious.


As a parent he quickly recognized that the healthy meals he was preparing were still unhealthy due to the McCormick’s, Lawry’s, Mrs. Dash and the Flavor Gods of the world. He knew his daughters deserved better…


He studied flavor profiles. Met with Dietitians, food specialist and then became a Nutritionist. Experimenting with ingredients using only fresh, natural & pure herbs and produce. Through this 2 year exercise he created a unique mix of seasonings that ultimately became Cook By Color.


Marcus lives by a cooking style and philosophy; “Complimentary Colors = Complimentary Taste” using only fresh and pure herbs & spices to induce an infinite amount possibilities and flavor by staying inside of Mother Natures’ natural color code.