Manassero Farms wants to help stomp out Childhood Obesity

Healthy living begins with healthy eating. Here at The Original Manassero Farms we’re Grant...Looks good enough to eat!advocates of organic, fresh ingredients that satisfy your taste buds and your body.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2012 more than one-third of American children and adolescents were obese. Childhood obesity is an increasing epidemic and, if left unresolved, will leave at least one-third of children born after the year 2000 with diabetes.

 Here are a few ways to prevent childhood obesity in your community:

Lead by example

After 21 years of living at home, I often find myself performing some of the same lifestyle habits as my parents. Going to bed early, keeping a clean living space, and thankfully, health-conscious eating. Because I grew up with parents who favored healthy living, I’ve adopted (after a short ‘freshman 15’ stint) their habits of buying locally, eating a balanced meal and regularly exercising.

 But some children and adolescents are shorthanded when it comes to mimicking their parents eating habits. In most homes of obese children, it’s the adults who aren’t cooking fresh, nutritious meals for themselves or their families, and the children who suffer from it. Adults who make the conscious decision to buy locally and cook healthily undoubtedly influence their children to do the same.

Shop and eat local

All our produce at The Original Manassero Farms is GMO-free. The best part about buying local produce is that you really can taste the difference (re: Why buy from your local farmer’s market?) Above all, we’re a community that’s committed to healthy living. We love to share our wealth in the form of fresh ingredients and produce. To us, there’s nothing better than encouraging children and local families to join us in committing to health-conscious living.

 Prepare a balanced diet

A properly balanced diet consists of at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day. In addition to choosing healthier snacks, cooking with fresh and organic ingredients, and creating proper portion size, we can all help lower the risk of childhood obesity. Additionally, a well-balanced diet means a natural increase in energy, which can lead to increased physical activity—another aspect of a healthy lifestyle. While this is all easier said than done, efforts turn into habits—and your kids will thank you later.

 Start your healthy living by making a visit to the Original Manassero Farms for your daily or weekly produce run. And if you’re looking for health conscious recipes using ingredients straight from our garden, check out our recipes page for some food-spiration.

Tanza Loudenback  09/01/14