Mixed Berry Pavlova

Mixed Berry Pavlova
Serves 6
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Prep Time
7 min
Cook Time
1 hr 30 min
Total Time
2 hr 37 min
Prep Time
7 min
Cook Time
1 hr 30 min
Total Time
2 hr 37 min
  1. 4 extra-large egg whites, at room temperature
  2. Pinch kosher salt
  3. 1 cup sugar
  4. 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  5. 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
  6. 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  7. Sweetened Whipped Cream, recipe follows
  8. 1/2 pint fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
  9. 1/2 pint fresh blueberries
  10. 1/2 pint fresh raspberries
Sweetened Whipped Cream
  1. 1 cup cold heavy cream
  2. 1 tablespoon sugar
  3. 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  4. Whip the cream in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment (you can also use a hand mixer). When it starts to thicken, add the sugar and vanilla and continue to beat until firm. Don't overbeat!
Triple Raspberry Sauce
  1. 1 half-pint fresh raspberries
  2. 1/2 cup sugar
  3. 1 cup seedless raspberry jam (12-ounce jar)
  4. 1 tablespoon framboise liqueur
  5. Place the raspberries, sugar and 1/4 cup water in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, lower the heat, and simmer for 4 minutes. Pour the cooked raspberries, the jam, and framboise into the bowl of a food processor fitted with a steel blade and process until smooth. Chill.
  1. Place a sheet of parchment paper on a sheet pan. Draw a 9-inch circle on the paper, using a 9-inch plate as a guide, then turn the paper over so the circle is on the reverse side. (This way you won't get a pencil mark on the meringue.)
  2. Place the egg whites and salt in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment. Beat the egg whites on high speed until firm, about 1 minute. With the mixer still on high, slowly add the sugar and beat until it makes firm, shiny peaks, about 2 minutes.
  3. Remove the bowl from the mixer, sift the cornstarch onto the beaten egg whites, add the vinegar and vanilla, and fold in lightly with a rubber spatula. Pile the meringue into the middle of the circle on the parchment paper and smooth it within the circle, making a rough disk. Bake for 1 1/2 hours. Turn off the oven, keep the door closed, and allow the meringue to cool completely in the oven, about 1 hour. It will be crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.
  4. Invert the meringue disk onto a plate and spread the top completely with sweetened whipped cream. Combine the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in a bowl and toss with about 1/2 cup of raspberry sauce, or enough to coat the berries lightly. Spoon the berries carefully into the middle of the Pavlova, leaving a border of cream and meringue. Serve immediately in large scoops with extra raspberry sauce.
  1. total time includes 1hr inactive
  2. Great Gluten free desert option
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