My Take on Nutrition

Throughout my life I have always done some sore of exercise…virtually every form of exercise. Like everyone I have always wanted to feel good and look great! Now that I am pushing my mid 50s my focus has changed to look good,  FEEL great AND remain healthy and disease free. It’s amazing how age and gravity change ones perspective.

 I am a Senior Pilates Teacher Trainer and 200 hour RYT Registered Yoga Teacher. In addition to Pilates and Yoga I do strength training 3 to 4 days a week to help maintain muscle and lean body mass. Working out is an important part of my life. However, all the workouts in the world won’t undo the damage of a poor diet.

 The foods we consume can change our bodies, minds and spirits. Although I am not a nutrition specialist I am certainly witness to how I feel and look based off of what I eat. 

 As always, consult your physician about your own health concerns. It is my hope to merely provide a little education about the delicious and farm fresh foods that we sell at The Original Manassero Farms.

 Anne Manassero