Strawberry “Innamorata”

Here at The Original Manassero Farms, we believe in the power of strawberries. We believe in their nutrients, their flavor and, really, their utter beauty.Strawberry Heart

As a longtime strawberry “innamorata” (lover), I’ve come to learn that not all strawberries are created equal—far from it, actually.

Early last spring, while at home on break from my East Coast college, I tried The Original Manassero Farms’ strawberries for the first time. The juiciness and sweetness of these gigantic, deep red strawberries stand unrivaled. I became so addicted to their freshness, I even considered going on an all-strawberry diet during the near nine-month harvest of these unearthly delights. One taste of berry heaven and I’ll never purchase sour grocery store strawberries again.

I wasn’t always certain strawberries were good for my health. I figured if something tasted so delicious and sweet, there’s no way it could be benefiting me. But, after some excited research, I’m happy to admit I was wrong.

Best Health Magazine says strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C, an antioxidant that actively fights cancer, wrinkles, high cholesterol, inflammation and high blood pressure. One serving of perfectly ripened strawberries can give you over half your daily dose of Vitamin C. Researchers have actually discovered the antioxidants in strawberries become “ready to work in the blood” within weeks of eating them—faster than heaps of other fruits and vegetables out there.

As the end of harvest time swiftly approaches, prepare yourself properly and join us at The Original Manassero Farms—you, too, can become a strawberry “innamorata.”

Tanza Loudenback 8/2/14