Strawberry Santa’s and Strawberry Topiaries

This week Anne Manassero taught a class at our Irvine Market location on how to make Strawberry Santa’s and Strawberry Topiaries.  She put some fun new twists on Strawberry Santa.  The whole class was oohing and aahing and snapping photos.  The topiary was stunning and had the class asking for a repeat in February for Valentine’s Day.  

The class was timely since we just harvested our first batch of Strawberries for the season.  If you are like many you may not equate Christmas with Strawberries but this time of year they are ripe and at their best so be sure to come down to the Irvine Market to get yours today!  Then you can make some darling Strawberry Santa’s and gorgeous topiaries too!

Here are some photos from the class.  Get ready to be wowed…

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