• February 28, 2016 – Tastes&Travel.com – “Recipe: Cooking Breakfast… Apple Pastry Rosettes”

    Recipe: Cooking Breakfast… Apple Pastry Rosettes Rosettes

    This is a delicious breakfast treat and so easy to make!!
    You can even do it ahead and place in the refrigerator to
    cook a few hours later. Click here for the Recipe!

  • February 16, 2016 – Tastes&Travel.com – “Manassero Farms- Quickie Lunch and Recipes for February, 2016”

    “ManasserTastes&Travel.como Farms- Quickie Lunch and Recipes for February, 2016″

    Lovely Quickie Lunch at Manassero Farms today. Thank you Chef Pascal Olhats and Anne Fanous Manassero for such a wonderful and delicious day! The weather could not have been better for us to enjoy this very special menu. We started off with introductions, and then Pascal described his amazing Broccoli Soup. One might think there was cream in the soup, but no the potatoes added to the richness. Read More Here

  • January 19, 2016 – Tastes&Travel.com – “Fabulous Quickie Lunch With Pascal & Manassero Farms!”

    Fabulous Quickie Lunch With Pascal & Manassero Farms!Strawberry Short Cake

    On the menu today was a delicious combination of Soup, a Steak Baguette Sandwich with Coleslaw, and a mouth-watering strawberry biscuit shortcake for dessert.

    Spinach Soup As Pascal described it, which was hard to believe, this creamy Spinach Soup did not contain any cream. The richness was rendered with the diced potatoes and onions—all pureed. Add some finely cubed bacon and yes, we were in heaven. Read More Here…

  • September 6, 2014 – Tastes&Travel.com – “Red Carpet Event Farming It Forward™ Manassero Farms”


    RED CARPET EVENT “Farming It Forward™”- Manassero Farms

    You have heard of “paying it forward”… well now we are Farming It Forward™!!  And, Farming It Forward™ we are! Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds has already re-tweeted one of our videos to his 397k followers, and Nick Searcy from Justified will be with Anne Manassero live on KCAL, Sat, Sept 13th at 8am news broadcast to discuss this unique event filled with celebrities and patrons to help local charities. Read More Here….

  • August 26th, 2014 – Tastes&Travel.com – “Manassero Farms… A Special Place For Fresh Produce, Homemade Gifts & “In The Barn” Gourmet Dining Affairs!”

     August 26th, 2014 – Tastes&Travel.com – “Manassero


    Farms… A Special Place For Fresh Produce, Homemade Gifts & “In The Barn” Gourmet Dining Affairs!”

    I have been coming to Manassero Farms here in Irvine for years, and I have watched it blossom, and transform into a very special place. If you are a local in the area, do come and enjoy all that this farm has to offer. The Manassero family has been farming for 92 years, so Dan and Anne are the third generation of family farmers. And what is so special is that they are taking it to a whole new level, and at the same time always finding time to give back to the community.
    I see them at charity events and philanthropic endeavors all over Orange County.

    Manassero has five locations in Orange County, and two are right here in Irvine. One is right off the 5 freeway at Jeffrey, and a larger one is further south on Jeffery, just past Irvine Center Drive. You cannot miss the big, red barn to the left. And here, is where a heap of fun and deliciousness can be found, all year round.Read More Here….

  • August 26th, 2014 – Tastes&Travels.com – “The Best Farmers Markets In Orange County… Search By Day of Week!”

    It’s A Farmer’s Market Every Day at Manassero Farms in Irvine-MFBarn

    I am passionate about my local Farmers Market’s, however it is not always convenient for me to head off on Saturday or Sunday morning (to my favorite ones) to go shop. So for me, this is a wonderful alternative. Any day of the week I can pop in and purchase the best in-season fare, such as: strawberries, corn and watermelon. And all year I can find vegetables galore to prepare with my dinner. It is a treasure-trove of goodness and I am always thrilled to look in the display cases to see what is here this week!  This past week, I had delicious heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, and squash with stripes, and yellow and green—- it looked like they had been painted they were so beautiful. And when I stir-fried them they were packed with flavor. (Unlike what I receive in the market that just lack flavor all-together.) Read More Here….

  • April 24, 2014 – Tastes&Travels.com – “The “Table for Ten™” Illumination Foundation Fundraising Event Was Magical”

    April 24, 2014 – Tastes&Travels.com – “The “Table for Ten™” Illumination Foundation Fundraising Event Was Magical”

    Table10Held at the enchanting Disney Grand California Resort ® in Anaheim, CA, the Illumination Foundation once again created an incredible event. This evening places a spotlight on the incredibly difficult plight of the Homeless in Orange County. The Presenting Sponsors included Disneyland Resort and Wells Fargo, and overall the March, 2014 Table for Ten Event raised $360,000, exceeding the Illumination Foundation’s fundraising goal! Read More Here