Every year I am amazed at just how early retailers bring out Christmas.  For goodness sake, can’t we please enjoy one holiday at a time??  This year, some of the stores not only trotted out Christmas BEFORE School started, they had it on sale for 50% off!!  Now that I have that off my chest, I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way. 

Thanksmas - 2

 However, I do see the retailer’s side of things being that I am one.  I just couldn’t bring myself to jump from Halloween to Christmas in one fail swoop.  For one thing, my husband had grown all of these amazingly beautiful pumpkins.  What was I supposed to do?  Bust them open, toast the pumpkin seeds and call it a holiday?  I don’t think so.  Come on, pumpkins are one of nature’s truly beautiful little architectural wonders and I want to celebrate them.  Besides, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  It has everything that I love…family, friends, food and chardonnay. 

Thus, bright and early on November 1st, around 11 am, Thanksmas was born on the farm. Still under the chocolate and chardonnay fog from inhaling excess treats that were meant to have been dropped into the “trick or treat” bags of little children (the chocolate, not the chardonnay); I found myself staring at every retailer’s dilemma.  You know what they say, necessity and slight chocolate / chardonnay hangovers are the mother of invention!

 As a retailer I understand the need for being first on the Christmas scene.  Even though this is our first Christmas season I’m not immune to the fact that Christmas can make or break many retailers’ sales totals for the year!  But wait!  I’m first and foremost a mom.  Ok, a Thanksgiving loving and pumpkin obsessed mom.  A very lucky obsessed mom that happens to be married to a farmer that can grow unlimited quantities of pumpkins!  Who’s lucky?…me!!  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 

Tree Can

 In thinking of my fellow retailer’s dilemma, I cannot be the only one who wasn’t yet tired of pumpkins and fall decorations no, matter how late Thanksgiving is this year.  I want more!  Besides, pulling out all that Christmas gear is no picnic either.  After all, I don’t want to be that neighbor, you know the one that leaves the Christmas lights strung around the perimeter of the house for a little too long; like April. 
Instead, I brought out what is arguably worst part of Christmas decorating, the trees; (yes, they’re artificial, don’t judge me).  I placed them just so, and instead of a bright festive red tree skirt I threw some burlap around the bottom.  Brought in some of my favorite outdoor garden statues, and my beloved pumpkins. There in our little barn, Thanksmas was born!  I’m now envisioning an amazingly easy transition from my newly coined holiday right into Christmas.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime from my pumpkins to yours, Happy, Merry Thanksmas!

Written By: Anne Manassero 11/20/14