Variety – The Key to Lunches Away From Home

Who knows what they will feel like eating the night before or morning of……definitely not a school aged child!

The perfect solution to getting your kiddos to each a variety of fruit, vegetables, and a well-rounded lunch is variety!  I purchase these quadrant type containers from the local grocers deli department for a quarter a piece (top included).  You’ve seen them…the overly expensive quick lunch pick-ups in the deli area filled with the items they need to sell off before they expire.  Take control and use them to your own advantage. You and your kids will look forward to the surprise of variety each day.

The options for these cute little containers are endless….veggie filled pasta salad, potato salad, petite Caesar, hummus and crudities, fruit, cheese and crackers, lunch meat….

Here are some kid friendly recipes we use here at the farm that would serve perfectly for your lunch creation!