Why I Love These Recipes!

recipe-anneI am lucky enough to be married to the best farmer in Orange County (not to mention great hubby, father and all around good guy)! I get to whip up the fruits and vegetables we offer to you any time.

I grew up in West Texas with no shortage of fantastic, wholesome, and yes highly caloric comfort food! My mother, grandmother and great grandmother were all wonderful cooks in their own right. So, I learned how to cook at an early age and haven’t stopped yet. In fact one of my grandmothers favorite things was to buy produce from a farm stand much like The Original Manassero Farms. I used to really enjoy going along with her. How ironic that I married a farmer!

While I enjoy cooking every dish from scratch I don’t always have time. I have tried to include recipes varying in degree of difficulty and amount of time they take to bring to your table. My favorite recipes tend to be the easiest ones that don’t require too many ingredients that hide the farm fresh quality produce.

As a Certified Pilates Teacher Trainer and Vinyasa Yoga instructor the calories are not lost on me either. I also offer you a variety of quick, fresh, nutrient rich, low calorie recipes. Not to worry though, true to my Texas roots there are plenty of high calorie comfort food found here too.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and would love to hear some of the ways you enjoy and prepare our produce too.

Warmly, Anne Manassero